How to Automate SaaS Delivery in 2023 with SaaSOps

As we kick off the new year, you may be wondering how you can amplify your organization’s SaaS strategy. You’re not alone—businesses around the world are looking for ways to leverage the power of SaaS to create innovative new software products and deliver them at scale cost-effectively.

Corent Technology has created the SaaS delivery cost-savings solution—SaaSOps.

SaaSOps provides the automatic, effortless transformation of any software application into a SaaS product with all the operational and commercial “as-a-Service” capabilities needed.

How SaaSOps Transforms Your Software Application

The key to reducing SaaS delivery costs starts with leaning into the power of automation.

Automation can save time and money, reduce errors, improve quality, and improve customer service.

With SaaSOps, you can SaaSify your software application with no source code changes required, enabling you to provide a low-touch service to your customers while building a scalable SaaS business model to create additional revenue.

As the first managed services platform for SaaS, SaaSOps also provides:

  • SaaS operations, an extension of your cloud services.
  • The ability to add SaaS operations to your managed services portfolio so you can reach more customers and upgrade existing accounts.
  • Modernization and optimization of your existing SaaS applications.
  • Continuous improvement and management of your applications, including individual features, payments, and customer services.
  • SaaS planning and modeling, as well as operations planning and commercialization features, such as trial, setup, and metered billing.

Automate Your Entire SaaS Process This Year with SaaSOps

Make 2023 the year you take charge of your SaaS process. By introducing SaaSOps into your organization’s 2023 SaaS strategy, you will reduce your SaaS delivery costs and free up time to focus on innovation and customer success.

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