How to Get Your Software Application Published Quicker in 2023

If you’re looking to not only publish your software application, but also create a full SaaS solution you can monetize in 2023, look no further. Corent Technology has created the ultimate SaaS delivery solution—Marketizer.

Marketizer, the All-in-One Cloud Marketplace Automation Platform, streamlines the go-to-market process for SaaS delivery, providing a one-stop tool to develop, publish, scale, and distribute software products at lower costs. Here’s how.

Marketizer Publishes Your Software Applications in 72 Hours

Historically, one of the largest barriers for organizations looking to monetize their software applications has been the sheer amount of time it would take to go from software development to the marketplace. Marketizer doesn’t just automate your software application’s publishing process; it accelerates it!

In 72 hours, Marketizer will publish your software offering as a full SaaS solution to Azure, AWS, and/or GCP cloud marketplaces.

Marketizer Frees Up Your Engineering Team

Because Marketizer seamlessly integrates with cloud marketplaces and rapidly publishes your software applications in as fast as 3 days, this means you no longer need team members to spend time coding or manually carrying out these laborious tasks. Instead, time, energy, and costs can be poured into creating and optimizing the best possible products for your customers.

Build a Streamlined SaaS Publishing Process with Marketizer

By introducing Marketizer into your organization’s 2023 SaaS strategy, you will reduce your SaaS delivery costs and free up time to focus on innovation and customer success.

To start your year off with a free 60-day trial of Marketizer, click here to register for an account.

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