Accelerating the Cloud Journey: How Corent’s White Labeled Cloud Solutions Empower MSPs, GSIs, and ISVs

The Cloud revolution is not just upon us, it’s in full swing. As per Gartner’s Cloud forecast, global public Cloud end-user spending is set to increase by 20.4% in 2024, reaching $678.8 billion, compared to $563.6 billion in 2023.

This explosive growth highlights the undeniable shift toward Cloud adoption across industries. However, navigating this complex journey can be daunting, especially for organizations lacking internal expertise or resources. This is where Corent’s white labeled Cloud solutions come in, empowering Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Global System Integrators (GSIs), and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to accelerate their clients’ Cloud journeys and unlock new business opportunities.

Our white labeled Cloud solutions empower MSPs, GSIs, and ISVs to offer highly customizable, branded Cloud services to their clients, accelerating their Cloud journey and unlocking new revenue streams.

In case you’re wondering, “What is a White labeled Cloud Solution?

White labeled Cloud solutions are pre-built Cloud services you can brand as your own, offering the ease of SaaS with the power of customization.

Let’s face it, traditional software can be clunky and expensive, not to mention a pain to manage. With white labeling, you leave all that behind. You tap into a ready-made, scalable Cloud service and customize it to perfectly fit your business needs. Want to tweak the pricing or add some special features? No problem! Corent is super flexible on that.

With white labeled Cloud solutions, you could offer top-notch Cloud solutions to your customers, but without the headache of building and maintaining your own infrastructure! In short, you get all the power and flexibility of the Cloud solution, but with your own company name and logo slapped on it.

Brand recognition boost? Check!

Ever heard of building brand loyalty? White labeling is like turbocharging it. Since your company name and logo are front and center, customers who already know and trust you will instantly recognize your service. This translates into more sales leads as your brand familiarity grows naturally. Think of it as a warm introduction for your new Cloud offering!

Who can benefit from Corent’s white labeled Cloud solutions?

Our solutions are designed for companies like yours:

  • Enterprises can leverage Corent’s proven Cloud expertise and embrace significant economies in terms of cost, savings, and process efficiencies.
  • Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can expand their portfolio with in-demand Cloud services, attract new clients, and boost recurring revenue.
  • Global System Integrators (GSIs) can offer seamless Cloud integration alongside their existing services, strengthen their value proposition, and amplify their client satisfaction.
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can enhance their software with Cloud capabilities, differentiate their offerings, and reach new markets.
  • Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) can leverage our proven technology leadership and amplify their subscription services, thereby better aligning their Cloud services with their end-client’s ROI.

Ditch the baggage, embrace the benefits! Enterprises:

  • Reduced migration complexity and cost: Automated tools and expertise streamline transitions.
  • Faster application modernization: Corent’s technology platform, SurPaaS® helps leverage Cloud capabilities for modern applications.
  • Optimized Cloud costs and performance: Tools and services help manage and optimize Cloud spending.
  • Access to Cloud expertise: Corent’s team fills potential gaps in internal Cloud knowledge.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Global System Integrators (GSIs):

  • Differentiation: White labeled solutions help them stand out in the crowded Cloud market.
  • Faster time to market: Cloud services can be offered quickly without building from scratch.
  • Recurring revenue: Selling Cloud services generates additional income stream.
  • Reduced development costs: Leverage Corent’s pre-built platform and expertise.
  • On-demand Training: Unlock Corent’s Cloud Certification Program (CCCP) for partners to harness our expertise in streamlining workflows and solutions. With three stages – Training, Evaluation, and Certification – spanning Fundamental to Advanced levels, Corent enables & empowers your project managers for success.

Contact our MSP and GSI specialists to discuss your unique needs and unlock new growth opportunities.


  • Easy SaaS enablement: Corent’s technology platform, SurPaaS® automates transforming applications into Cloud-based services.
  • Multi-tenancy and security: Built-in features ensure secure and scalable SaaS offerings.
  • Global deployment and scaling: Platform supports reaching wider markets and scaling efficiently.
  • Marketplace publishing and monetization: Access to marketplaces for easy distribution and revenue generation.

Get in touch with our ISV specialists to discuss your software transformation journey.

Cloud Service Providers (CSPs like Azure, AWS, GCP, IBM Cloud etc.):

  • Enhanced Cloud migration and modernization: Integration with their platforms expands offerings.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention: Corent’s solutions improve customer experience.
  • Competitive differentiation: Stand out in the Cloud market with advanced capabilities.

Expand your Cloud ecosystem and empower your customers with advanced capabilities.

The testimonials below stand as a testament to Corent’s commitment to empowering businesses like yours with transformative Cloud solutions.

Get inspired by their journeys and discover the potential for your own.

Corent has the broadest set of supported use cases in its class. All-in-one software platform that can discover, migrate, PaaSify, and SaaSify.

Christopher Kesik
Director, Cloud Solutions Architecture
Corent Tech Achieves AWS Migration Competency Status
HPE has used Corent SurPaaS to do scanning and discovery in large Cloud migration projects. Our clients are very pleased with the quality and depth of information that SurPaaS provides them.

Kevin Lange
Master Database Architect, Performance Engineer, HPE
It’s promising to see HPE and Corent Technology offer customers an easy migration path to Microsoft Azure Stack. The integration with Azure is the kind of technological solution that ensures their customers are in a position to succeed.

Tad Brockway
Corporate Vice President, Azure Storage, Media, & Edge, Microsoft
Corent Technology Delivers Automated Tool for Migration to Microsoft Azure Stack
We are pleased Corent has extended their range of Azure migration solutions to include Azure Stack as a destination. Supporting migrations to Azure Stack, as an extension of Microsoft Azure, enables a truly consistent hybrid Cloud solution for customers, which empowers them to maximize their investments across Cloud and on-premises environments.

Jeremy Winter
Corporate Vice President, Azure Cloud Native and Hybrid, Microsoft

That’s the beauty of white labeled Cloud services! Ditch the high costs and burdens of managing your own infrastructure and join the world of flexible, White labeled Cloud solutions.

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