Marketplace Ready in Hours.

Accelerate the publishing of your application on Cloud marketplaces using our State-of-the-art platform and make your application transactable.

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Getting to Cloud Marketplace?

Rapidly publish and monetize your applications on Cloud marketplaces without any code change.

"Publish Ready" in a Few Hours

Make your application marketplace ready within a few hours with self-provisioning & the marketplace workflow integrations are handled by Marketizer platform.

Publish on Popular Cloud Marketplaces

Get your application listed on major Cloud marketplaces with our unified platform and manage customers from multiple marketplaces through a single pane.

No Code Changes Required

Transform your application into a transactable service on Cloud marketplaces without any code changes as the integration is handled as a part of the platform.

Your application before and after

Select your application type and see how it can be published on marketplace.

Solution: Provision instance per tenant for each Customer. Publish your application on Marketplace with onboarding and operations support.
Solution: Support for provisioning Tenant’s account on Provider’s infrastructure. Publish your application on Marketplace with onboarding and operations support.
Solution: Marketizer will reach this Central Datastore to handle provisioning and metering. Publish your application on Marketplace with onboarding and operations support.
Solution: Use application’s API or provisioning steps to automate Customer creation. Publish your application on Marketplace with onboarding and operations support.

No Code Change !!!

Publishing your application on the Cloud marketplace is now easy, rapid and effortless.

Marketplace APIs? Check...

Skip the daunting effort to integrate with marketplace APIs to conform with subscription workflows. It's all taken care of by Marketizer.

Integrate within a Few Days

Compress your marketplace onboarding effort from months of implementation to just a few days. Leverage the integration off-the-shelf from Marketizer.

Focus on Your Business

Eliminate the development effort for marketplace integration and achieve it through a few clicks on SaaSOps. Let your engineers focus on your domain.

Add Customer Operations

Manage your Customers and Subscriptions by instantly adding Operational capabilities of Marketizer to your application.


Integrate self-provisioning capability with your application and allow customers to onboard from Cloud marketplaces.

Landing Page for Customer Registration
Redirect customers to a provisioning page branded for your application that meets the Cloud marketplace requirements.
Auto Provisioning
Seamless onboarding experience when the customer signs-up from marketplace as Marketizer automatically provisions the customer on your application.

Subscription Management

Create multiple subscriptions at different price points to cater to various target markets.

Manage Private and Public offers

Corent will manage the offers on your Marketplace account. Increase your sales by creating public offers or private offers.

Extend to Non-Cloud Storefronts

Embed and link your subscription plans in any marketing medium—webpages, emails and customer invites or promote through reseller websites.

Unified Platform for all Subscriptions

Manage your customer subscriptions from multiple Cloud marketplaces, all in one place with complete customer lifecycle management

Subscription Lifecycle on Cloud Marketplaces

Create subscription plans with one-to-one mapping to Cloud marketplace and offload your burden to handle its lifecycle activities such as upgrades, deprovisioning, suspensions and more.

Metered Listing Support

Equip your application on Cloud Marketplaces to monitor, aggregate, and send periodic meter-able units for Usage-Based Billing.

Usage Metering

Extend your billing strategy from simple flat pricing to a dynamic new-age usage-based billing.

Aggregate and Bill

Monitor and track your application usage data, aggregate them over time and apply different billing models based on your pricing strategies.

Flexible Offers to Win Customers

Continuously refine your billing strategy and charge the customers only for their usage. Move away from stringent limit-based license selling.

Metering through Cloud Marketplace

Make the Cloud marketplaces charge your customer based on usage data aggregated and sent from Marketizer based on your defined rules.

Govern All Your Customers

Manage all your Cloud customers as tenants. Monitor and analyze their usage patterns and behaviors on Cloud Marketplaces.

Unified Platform for all Storefronts
Manage all your customers from different storefronts—multiple Cloud marketplaces, your website and resellers—from a single console.
Manage Your Application as SaaS
Take stock of your overall customer strategy from additions, churn rate to revenue, value and acquire customers at a rapid pace.
Come experience our platform's Cloud marketplace publishing capabilities and monetize your applications on Cloud with ease.
Watch this 2-mins Summary Video

SaaSOps Marketizer. Questions that you might have.

Answers to Your Queries on Publishing Your Application on Cloud marketplaces using Marketizer.

What is SaaSOps Marketizer?

SaaSOps Marketizer is the secure and effective solution to make your application "Publish Ready" on Cloud Marketplaces within a few hours and with no code change in the application.

What are the Cloud Marketplaces supported by Marketizer?

Marketizer currently supports Microsoft Azure Marketplace and AWS Marketplace.

What preparations should I do before our initial meeting?

You must:

  • Have a Microsoft Azure/AWS Cloud account.

  • Ensure that your application can be hosted on Microsoft Azure/AWS platform.

  • Be ready to host the application (if it is not a SaaS application) in your Cloud account and maintain it.

Other actions can be done during the course of Marketizing your application.

How long does it take to publish my application on Cloud Marketplace?

Technically, making your application publishable on Cloud Marketplaces takes only a few hours using SaaSOps Marketizer. Publishing your application involves integrating several Cloud Marketplace workflows and APIs, taking decisions on business, marketing and pricing, and reviewing by AWS or Azure Marketplace team. Considering these factors, SurPaaS Marketizer can make your application "Publish Ready" in 2 weeks.

My application is not a SaaS application. Can it be Marketized?

Yes, your application can be converted into SaaS and published on Cloud Marketplace. We recommend the best SaaS model that suits your application among all models supported by SaaSOps Marketizer and that can guarantee immediate go-to-market readiness.

My application is already a SaaS application. Can it be Marketized?

Yes, SaaSOps Marketizer can make use of the native provisioning APIs or other automation available in your application. You can publish your application as is on Cloud Marketplace using SaaSOps Marketizer.

Can you provide any reference documents for Cloud Marketplace?

You can use the following Cloud Marketplace documents for your reference:

For Azure Marketplace - SaaS offer creation overview, refer.

For Azure Marketplace – FAQ, refer.