Monetize Any Application

Power your application with a well-designed metering system. Improve transparency and customer service to stay competitive.

Feature Matrix

Plan Your Metering Strategy

Plan a successful metering strategy for your application that can reduce operational costs and provide greater transparency for end customers.

Transform Data into Business Insights

Use our monitoring capabilities for making decisions on operations, pricing strategy, subscription modeling, feature positioning, customer targeting and more. Start by monitoring your data, quantize to get a meaningful aggregation and use it for business insights.

Perform Customer Audits

Drive customer loyalty by monitoring how the customer has performed over a period of time and addressing their needs proactively.

Set Up Rules for Alerts & Triggers

Set up alerts for your application usage boundaries in SaaSOps. Be in control of your business by keeping tabs on all usage parameters.

Leverage Cloud Marketplaces

Publish your application on Cloud marketplaces effortlessly and automatically connect with metered data. Now Cloud marketplaces can charge your customers based on metered usage of your application.

Instrument for monitoring

Instrument any component of your application for monitoring and associate metering to bill your customers based on their application usage.

Select Instrumentation Points

Identify and set up the best source within your application to collect monitoring data—database, OS, application server, features and more.

Monitor Usage Metrics

Monitor not just your application health, but multiple aspects of your customer lifecycle, as modern businesses do, to improve decision making.

No Code Changes

Monitoring different metrics of your application does not require any code change. Leave that to SaaSOps—it collects and meters the data for you.

Dynamic Monitoring Streams

Create and define your own data streams specific to your application for monitoring its usage. Start using it in no time for metering and billing your customers.

Identify Business Value

Realize the full potential of our smart metering by defining and monitoring the application data that provides you the highest business value.

Choose the Right Metering Data

Define how to pick the right data for metering your application usage and at what frequency. Configure to send the data to a metering engine or Cloud marketplace.

Set Up On-Demand

Any time is the right time to decide on what to monitor. Start monitoring your application for metering on demand, at any point in time.

Send Your Data

No need to develop APIs for your application metering. Use our REST API to send your data. Enjoy the flexibility to source and send the data from your system instantly.


Visualize your application usage data in a way that can derive more useful and actionable insights. Identify patterns in your data that helps you in making business decisions.

Intelligent Dashboards & Reports
Let the data give you meaningful insights. Retrospect through our interactive dashboards to unearth the trend and value from the monitored data.
Correlated Visualization
Graphically visualize the correlation between multiple data streams in your application. Uncover the dependencies among the usage of different application features.


Optimize your application metering mechanism for target customers. Let the quantization determine how the data is metered.

Aggregate Monitored Data

Simplify the huge data monitored and collected from your application by aggregating them on a periodic basis like hourly, daily or monthly.

Apply Compute Functions

Slice the data by applying compute functions over your data volume, based on the business requirements, suitable to charge your customer.

Monetize with Subscriptions

Explore and create pricing models for your application that best define your business strategy and charge your customers dynamically.

Subscription Modelling

Create subscription plans adding metered units for different features of your application and charge your customers based on their usage.

Pricing Strategy

Pick the right pricing model that enables you to reach your revenue and market share goals. Charge based on per-unit, overage or volume-based pricing. Maximize your profits by finding your optimal price.

Online Payments

Seamlessly interface with popular PCI-compliant payment gateways to enable and process online payments for your application usage.

Marketplace Integration

Incorporate metering capabilities into your application and automate the integration with Cloud marketplace APIs to send periodic metered units for billing.

Come experience our platform's metering capabilities and make your Journey through the Cloud smooth.