SaaSOps Operations.
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Centralized cost-effective SaaS Operations platform for managing all your applications As A Service.

Feature Matrix

Decisive Executive Dashboard

Make instantaneous and informed decisions with real-time infographics that makes SaaS administration effortless.

Customer Analytics

Track your customers as tenants, check status, health, payments, revenue, churn and more and be well-informed about your SaaS Operations.

Stakeholder Perspective

One place to see all your customers from different sources that gives you a sense of what you own as a SaaS provider and to make executive decisions.

Subscription Management

Discover the advantages of recurring revenue by selling your application through the subscription models, each with well-defined features.

Sell as Subscriptions

Explore modern ways to sell your application by creating multiple subscriptions at different price points & selling them to different target audiences.

Feature-Rich Subscription Modelling

Create subscriptions with trials, one-time fee, recurring fee, usage fee & more. Use built-in workflows to accurately model the subscriptions to maximize retention & recurring revenue.

Fully functional Subscription Operations

Create robust subscription lifecycle operations giving the ability for your customers to manage subscription upgrades. You can manage ad-hoc charges, credits, discounts, invoices, refunds and more.

Commercial Services

Sell your application in multiple storefronts through AWS and Azure Marketplaces. Model your subscription with new-age metered billing and create a win-win for your customers.

Multiple Storefronts

Enable customers to sign up from your campaigns, embed plans in websites & Cloud marketplaces and make a call to action to subscribe to your application.

Cloud Marketplace Integration

Connect your application to the modern storefronts for applications - the Cloud Marketplaces, without any code change. This enables automatic API integration, billing & direct customer provisioning from Cloud marketplaces.

Payment Services Integration

Integrate your application with popular third-party payment services like Stripe or other PCI compliant payment gateways of your choice.

Metering with Usage-Based Billing

Plan a successful metering strategy for your application and charge your customers based on their usage of application features and resources.


Get detailed reports & statistics about your SaaS environment and equip yourself for informed decision making, analysis & predictions with extensive reports.

Reports for Your Executive Decision
Power your SaaS administration with detailed reports from SaaSOps and make the executive decisions to stay competitive.
Model the Right Metrics
Get insights about your SaaS through the different metrics of your application that includes revenue, retention & usage trend reports and more.

Managing Multiple SaaS Environments

Setting up a SaaS environment on different Clouds & regions is no more a daunting task. Assemble your runtime, commercials & operations in a few clicks & create as many isolated SaaS environments for your target customers in different geographies.

Rapid SaaS Deployments

SaaSOps captures the intrinsic details of your application, so that, it can be redeployed in no time and attach SaaS Operations & Commercials to create a new SaaS environment in a few clicks.

SaaS in all Types and Sizes

Set up different SaaS environments, with suitable provisioned resources, for different target customers and execute your business experiments & ideas to explore new market opportunities.

Channel Enablement - Resell with Partners

Distribute your SaaS to resellers and allow them to add value, sell to their target customers with dedicated deployment, custom subscriptions, currencies and local support.

SaaS Application Management

Manage your SaaS infrastructure on Cloud by optimizing for cost, performance & security. With application telemetry & version management across customers, feel the power of being in full control.

Cloud Deployment Management
Get detailed information about Cloud resources & dependencies and effortlessly manage them through different blueprints, from a single pane.
Application/ Workload Health Monitoring
Monitor your application's workloads, its health, performance & utilization, and get real-time alerts on any service disruption.
Custom Monitoring
Define your own custom rules for monitoring the health and usage of your applications and workloads running on the Cloud.
Cloud Optimization
Get detailed advisories for continuous optimization and modernization of your Cloud resources and reduce your Cloud operations cost.
Version Management
Manage upgrades by testing and verifying your versions in SaaS environment and make them available for existing & new customers with ease. Utilize the powerful engine to perform automatic upgrades of your software to all tenants.

SaaS Continuum - Continuous Ops Improvement

SaaSOps extends your SaaS Journey, enabling continuous optimization and modernization of your SaaS application, aimed at streamline operations.

SaaS is Continuous

SaaS requires continuous improvement to stay competitive. SaaSOps equips you to continuously modernize your architecture with advanced Cloud capabilities including PaaS, Containers and Kubernetes.

Cost and Revenue

Get insights about cost consuming resources, cut down Cloud cost using our trend-based optimization methods & increase revenue margins continuously.

Decisions Required at Different Times

Travel with SaaSOps on your Cloud journey and get expert guidance for your Cloud & subscription strategies to move through successive stages of optimization and modernization.

All the SaaSOps capabilities are enabled by the core functionality of our SaaSOS™ which we refer to as being effectively an operating system for SaaS applications.
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SaaSOps SaaS Operations. Questions that you might have.

Answers to Your Queries on managing your SaaS needs using SaaSOps SaaS Operations.

What is SaaSOps Operations?
  • SaaSOps is used to optimize and modernize the SaaS administration of SaaS applications.

  • It includes Commercial Management and Operations Management.

Should my application be running on Cloud to avail SaaS Operations?

Yes, the application has to run on Cloud. If the application is not on Cloud, we can help you to migrate your application to Cloud through our MaaS platform.

What preparations should I do before our initial meeting?
  • Ensure that your application can be hosted on Microsoft Azure/AWS platform.

  • Provide the objectives that you need in your application from SaaS Perspective

What are the list of features available in SaaSOps Operations?

Check the feature list available in the matrix page link given below:

My application is not a Multi-Tenant application. Can it be SaaSified?

Yes, your application can be converted into SaaS. We recommend the best SaaS model that suits your application among all the models supported by SaaSOps and that can guarantee immediate go-to-market readiness.

My application is already a Multi-Tenant SaaS application. Can it be SaaSified?

Yes, SaaSOps can make use of the native provisioning APIs or other automation available in your application. SaaSOps can be used to extend your SaaS capability, to expand your possibilities on marketplace, reselling, usage billing and more.