Extend your SaaS.

Add Next-Generation SaaS features and take your SaaS solution to new heights, without any code change.

Feature Matrix

Getting to Better SaaS

SaaS requires continuous improvement of Cloud, commercial and operational capabilities. Equip yourself with a platform that provides continuous advanced optimization for your SaaS solution.

Your SaaS + Extensive Commercial Services

Model commercial aspects of your application smartly by offering subscriptions with new-age metered billing and selling through Cloud marketplaces. Explore and experiment new commercial possibilities.

Your SaaS + Advanced Operational Capabilities

Power your SaaS application with operational capabilities with more flexibility such as effective tenancy management, monitoring, Cloud and application management & more, and extend your Cloud services offering to stay competitive.

Plug and Play Features of Your Choice

Incorporate the increasing list of features of SurPaaS® platform into your SaaS application to leverage the full potential of your application.

Connect to Cloud Marketplaces

Publish your application on the new-age storefronts, such as AWS and Azure marketplaces or build your own marketplace, without any code change and attract new global customers with ease.

Improve Tenancy Models

Increase the efficiency of your infrastructure by sharing more application resources across tenants. Scan your workloads to assess the best fit tenancy models and create a plan to optimize infrastructure and operations cost.

Commercial Service Expansion

Increase your revenue multi-fold by embracing modern ways through additional channels. Sell your application as subscriptions with innovative usage metering. Address the needs of different global regions with local compliance and commercial practices.

Sell as Subscription

Explore modern ways to sell your application to different target audiences by creating subscriptions with trials, one-time fee, recurring fee, usage fee & more.


Instrument metering capabilities into your application and accurately charge your customers based on their usage of application features and resources.

Payment Service

Integrate your application with popular third-party payment services like Stripe or other PCI compliant payment gateways of your choice.

Marketplace and More

Connect your application to the modern storefronts, AWS and Azure marketplaces, without any code change, and manage your customers from multiple marketplaces through a single pane effortlessly. Build your own marketplace and direct customers to subscribe with lesser overheads.

Your application before and after

Select your application type and see how you can automate Customer creation & publish your application on Marketplace.

Solution: Use application’s API or provisioning steps to automate Customer creation. Publish your application on Marketplace with onboarding and operations support.
Solution: Use application’s API or provisioning steps to automate Customer creation. Publish your application on Marketplace with onboarding and operations support.

Operational Service Expansion

Scale your business by enabling online sign-up. Effectively manage your customers by monitoring them and handling operations.

Enable Self-Provisioning

Enable customers to sign up from Cloud marketplaces, webpages, emails and reseller websites by integrating self-provisioning capability for your application.

Monitor Application Usage

Monitor your application with dynamic monitoring streams of SaaSOps. Define your custom rules to monitor the health & usage of your application.

SaaS in all Types and Sizes

Set up different SaaS environments for different target customers and execute your business experiments & ideas to explore new market opportunities.

Get Alerts on Usage

Create alerts for any required usage activities in your application and monitor your application's utilization effectively. Also, get real-time alerts on any service disruption.

SaaS Application Management

Manage and automate application upgrades for multiple deployments from a single pane. Push changes from your DevOps tool onto the target SaaS platform with ease.

Unified Customer Management

Equip your customer-facing team with a fully functional SaaS platform to support billing and lifecycle operations.

Dashboard of Customers

Get the latest changes in your SaaS with additions, churns, alerts, and other SaaS executive infographics.

One-Click Billing Operations

Create subscription plans and manage ad-hoc charges, credits, discounts, invoices, refunds and more with ease.

Enable Lifecycle Operations

Manage all your customers in one place and handle complete customer lifecycle activities such as upgrades, deprovisioning, suspensions and more effortlessly.

Continuous SaaS Optimization and Modernization

Apply adaptive optimization and modernization strategies to your application and realize the complete benefits of your Cloud and SaaS operations.

Choose What You Want

SaaS requires different ways to tackle customer onboarding and retention. Start with SaaSOps on what you need immediately and add-on other features as you grow.

Continuously Optimize Your SaaS

Optimize your SaaS applications continuously with enhanced operations on monitoring & alerts, workflow options, lifecycle and commercial features like metered billing, Cloud marketplace and more.

Assess and Modernize Your SaaS

Migrate your application workloads to DBaaS, Serverless App Services, Containers and Kubernetes Services within hours. Scan your workloads to assess the best fit services and methods for your modernization.
Come experience our platform's enhanced SaaS capabilities and make your Journey through the Cloud smooth.

SaaSOps xSaaS. Questions that you might have.

Answers to Your Queries on Continuous Optimization using SaaSOps xSaaS.

What is SaaSOps xSaaS?

xSaaS provides continuous advanced optimization for your SaaS solution. It includes Commercial Management and Operations Management.

What preparations should I do before our initial meeting?
  • Ensure that your application can be hosted on Microsoft Azure/AWS platform.

  • Provide the objectives that you need in your application from SaaS Perspective

What are the list of features available in xSaaS?

Check the feature list available in the matrix page link given below:

My application is not a Multi-Tenant application. Can it be SaaSified?

Yes, your application can be converted into SaaS. We recommend the best SaaS model that suits your application among all the models supported by SaaSOps and that can guarantee immediate go-to-market readiness.

My application is already a Multi-Tenant SaaS application. Can it be SaaSified?

Yes, SaaSOps can make use of the native provisioning APIs or other automation available in your application. SaaSOps can be used to extend your SaaS capability, to expand your possibilities on marketplace, reselling, usage billing and more.