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Smarter way to SaaS-enable any application, within a few days.

Feature Matrix

Get to SaaS in Days

You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Transform your business into a reliable and scalable SaaS enterprise within a few days with no code change and scale your business model with shorter time-to-market.

Assess Your Application for SaaS

Find the quickest way to SaaS for your application. Explore different options such as architecture, commercial & operational setup.

Identify Your SaaS Model

Understand the topography of your application workloads and its resources. Generate the blueprint of your complete SaaS architecture.

Transform Swiftly into SaaS

Turn your application into a fully functional SaaS; Launch your Go-To-Market campaign inviting customers to sign up within a few days.

Deploy and Manage Your SaaS

Operate your SaaS applications from a single control center. Manage your tenants, subscriptions, revenue and application operations. Integrate with Cloud Marketplaces to attract new customers.

Your application before and after

Select your application type and see its SaaS version

Solution: Application transformed into multi-tenancy with all the SaaS capabilities integrated.
Solution: Application transformed into multi-tenancy with all the SaaS capabilities while maintaining the clients in customer environments.
Solution: All SaaS capabilities integrated into the application running on each customer infrastructure without transformation.

Ready to Assess?

Planning for the SaaS transformation of your application? Use our automated assessment tool to assess your application for compatibility with the SaaS business model. Seek help from our SaaS experts to guide you through the transformation.

Try SaaS Assessment

Scan Your Application

Scan your application to its finest details and generate a comprehensive report about how to transform your application into SaaS.

Identify Your Application Workloads

Identify all the building blocks of your application—i.e., workload components—and be in a better position to plan your SaaS transformation.

Visualize Application Blueprint

Visualize all your infrastructure components graphically with complete details including network security and application configurations.

Get Your Strategic SaaS Report

Make informed decisions about SaaS-enabling your application. Explore all possible operational models with architecture, subscriptions and pricing optimizations.

Software-Defined SaaS

Explore and compare different SaaS delivery models for your application against their cost, operational, and business advantages and select the right one that suits your business.

Explore Your SaaS Continuum
Start with the fastest SaaS model and continuously explore a continuum of SaaS optimizations possible as your business grows.
Shared Tenancy Model
Shift from tenant-per-instance model to a shared infrastructure model and become an economical SaaS operator.
Operations Model
Integrate essential SaaS operations features such as monitoring, metering, version management to your tenancy model.
Commercial Model
Introduce key commercial components to your SaaS delivery by including TCO analysis and defining tenant ramp-up & break-even points.
Set up Usage Metering
Instrument metering within your application to charge customers for their usage of application features.
Global Multi-SaaS?
Deliver your SaaS on multiple regions and for each reseller. Also, multiple configurations for different markets.

What is your Go-to-Market Strategy?

Market your application effectively and make your business successful. Explore different marketing methods to reach your potential customers.

Integrate with Cloud Marketplaces

Publish your applications on popular Cloud Marketplaces without any code changes. Leverage the brand value of Cloud and reach a wide range of Cloud customers.

Marketing Promotions

Enable your customers to buy your application through websites, market promotions, or from search engines and allow them to self-provision automatically.

Generate Customer Leads

Distribute your application through multiple channels and connect to potential customers and generate leads from these channels. Manage from a central platform.
Explore SaaSOps Marketizer

Ready to Operate as SaaS

Prepare your application and make it SaaS ready in days. Convert your application into SaaS integrated with the most powerful SaaS Operations engine and metering. Achieve this with zero code change and without compromising the security of your customer's data.

New Beginning as a Service

Integrate with Advanced SaaS Operations and Flexible Commercial Services.

Come experience our platform's SaaS enablement capabilities and make your Journey through the Cloud smooth.

SaaSOps SaaSify. Questions that you might have.

Answers to Your Queries on SaaS Enabling Your Application using SaaSOps SaaSify.

What is SaaSOps SaaSify?

SaaSify is an effective solution to transform your application/software into a reliable and scalable SaaS enterprise application within a few days with no code change.

Should my application be running on Cloud to transform to SaaS?

Yes, the application has to run on Cloud. If the application is not on Cloud, we can help you to migrate your application to Cloud through our MaaS platform.

What preparations should I do before our initial meeting?
  • SaaS maintains the infrastructure on your Cloud account on behalf of the customer. So your operations team should be familiarized in using Cloud.

  • Ensure that your application can be hosted on Microsoft Azure/AWS platform.

  • Other actions can be done during the course of SaaS transforming your application.

How long does it take to SaaSify my application?
  • Time to SaaSify your application depends on the Application setup.

  • SaaSify gives you the option to start with a quick go-to-market model and then optimize on other SaaS models.

  • Normally, we can turn around in two days to get your first saas application model.

My application is not a Multi-Tenant application. Can it be SaaSified?

Yes, your application can be converted into SaaS. We recommend the best SaaS model that suits your application among all the models supported by SaaSOps and that can guarantee immediate go-to-market readiness.

My application is already a Multi-Tenant SaaS application. Can it be SaaSified?

Yes, SaaSOps can make use of the native provisioning APIs or other automation available in your application. SaaSOps can be used to extend your SaaS capability, to expand your possibilities on marketplace, reselling, usage billing and more.