Democratizing SaaS with Open Source

The open source movement has been extremely effective at democratizing the process of developing software. Anyone can take that software and run it themselves as long as they have the technical skills and resources to do so. However, the software market is evolving towards a SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery model, and many open source applications aren’t designed for that and can’t efficiently support that option.

Corent is solving that problem with our OpenSaaS™ Initiative. By applying the capabilities of our SurPaaS® Platform, with its mission of democratizing SaaS, we are transforming enterprise open source applications into efficient SaaS offerings available and ready to use by subscription. This makes these open source applications much more accessible to organizations who do not wish to invest the time and resources into managing their own software instance, with all the technical responsibilities and effort that entails.

Corent is transforming highly regarded enterprise SaaS applications into efficient SaaS and offering them by subscription at attractive prices. Now organizations, rather than going through the technically demanding process of acquiring the open source application, setting up the cloud account, provisioning and configuring the servers and other infrastructure, and then managing the daily backups, security and updates, they can simply subscribe to the application and use it.

Because Corent SurPaaS® platform provides all the ‘as a Service’ capabilities in an efficient manner, many customers can share the cloud resources while keeping their data and access completely separate and secure, just like the big proprietary SaaS application providers do with their applications.

The OpenSaaS™ Initiatives’ use of open source means that there is no overhead cost for the actual software itself, enabling a high value for price ratio. Now any business, big or very small can afford to use leading software applications to digitize their business and raise their ability to compete more effectively in their marketplace.  This availability to anyone, at prices less than it would take to run the open source on their own, is democratizing SaaS and supporting the open source ideal of brings advanced software capabilities to everyone.

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