What Does a Full Turnkey SaaS Solution Look Like?

What Does a Full Turnkey SaaS Solution Look Like?

For years, it’s been complex, time-consuming, and costly to develop and go to market with SaaS products. Developing core software applications is a tedious enough investment; adding on the additional complexities needed to create a full SaaS solution is enough to deter many altogether.

Despite these complexities, according to Gartner, it’s estimated that the SaaS market is forecasted to reach $122.6 billion this year alone, and remains the largest market segment on public cloud services, incorporated into the strategy of nearly all enterprise software companies.

To create a full turnkey SaaS solution, there needs to be a flexible and scalable way to distribute that software conveniently to the masses, and in the past, that’s simply not been a cost-effective option for every company. Until now.


Introducing a Reimagined SaaS Business Model

To overcome the major obstacles preventing SaaS technology from taking off, Corent Technology led the development of the “SaaS Operating System.”

With this new SaaS business concept, essentially, the “as a Service” capabilities of SaaS would be abstracted away and offered in a plug-and-play, configurable, and “as a Service” way.

To elaborate on the power of this new SaaS model, there’s no longer a need for SaaS businesses to develop their SaaS capabilities from scratch, operate the SaaS solution, AND publish it on the key marketplaces.

With Corent’s reimagined SaaS business model—a full turnkey SaaS solution—every aspect of publishing software applications is handled, all in one convenient monthly service fee way below their costs of in-house development and maintenance. There’s no need for manual development of “as a Service” capabilities, and the entire SaaS process is accelerated (including your software application, which is published on the marketplace in just 72 hours!).

Democratization of SaaS Example

Think about the way movie producers focus on producing a movie. Netflix provides those producers with a turnkey delivery mechanism to distribute the movie “as a Service.”

Now, think about software industry again, where developers’ focus is on creating software products. With Corent’s turnkey SaaSOps™, any software application can also be distributed “as a Service.” As added benefits, all subscription-related matters are handled, and developers are freed up to focus on the core software application instead of spending time figuring out the complexities of the distribution, monitoring, metering, and managing of SaaS process. This democratization of SaaS makes it possible for more businesses around the world to reap the benefits of SaaS publishing with a much lower barrier of entry into the marketplace.


Marketizer™ is Your Gateway to a Full Turnkey SaaS Solution

Corent’s SaaSOps™ and its Marketizer™ are the world’s only comprehensive, rapid, no-code SaaS-enablement and operations platform, making it possible for any business to publish a software application to leading cloud marketplaces in just 72 hours.

Since the inception of SaaSOps™ and Marketizer™, Corent has seen:

  • The transformation of internal enterprise SaaS applications into PrivateSaaS™ for subscription across the enterprise.
  • The development of xSaaS™, (Extended SaaS) which can plug in á la carte SaaS capabilities to existing SaaS solutions.
  • The development of plug-in multi-tenancy, subscription management, and usage-metering.
  • The making of “Composable SaaS” a reality, mirroring the Composable Application Architecture trend within the Agile development discipline.
  • A consistent, “no code” approach with the potential to broaden the possibilities of SaaS products across industries.


Marketizer™ makes the democratization of SaaS possible—a feat previously untapped; it broadens the accessibility and impact of software applications, reaching more people in more places across the world through the power and convenience of Software-as-a-Service.

By extending access to software up the value chain to the ISVs, and enterprises, these entities are empowered to deliver their applications as SaaS products without the massive upfront investment and time.


Why ISVs Should Use Marketizer™ to Offer a Robust SaaS Product

With Marketizer™, your software doesn’t just get published; you can continue your journey to a full SaaS product that you can monetize for increased recurring revenues.

Marketizer™ users also benefit from:

  • Rapid software application publishing on major cloud marketplaces.
  • All the essentials needed to publish SaaS products and more, at half the cost of leading competitors’ offerings.
  • Freed up time that can be used toward building better software products and customer experiences.
  • Metering for any SaaS product for high-end specialty feature sets resulting in increased revenues.
  • Self-provisioning option for your customers to eliminate all sales friction and allow customers to sign up in a self-service manner on the cloud marketplaces.


Create a New Stream of Revenue for your SaaS offering – Try Marketizer™ Free for 60 Days

Accelerate your marketplace sales strategy with Corent’s Marketizer™, the full turnkey marketplace SaaS solution. See for yourself—start publishing your software across multiple marketplaces in just 72 hours with our free 60-day trial.

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