What is the SaaS Operating System?

What is the SaaS Operating System?

Until the recent democratization of SaaS, going to market with SaaS products was tedious and expensive enough to deter many businesses from leveraging its power. Because of this, only those companies with significant, readily available resources such as venture capital were able to pour time, energy, and cash flow into developing and publishing their software applications for the masses.

Now, thanks to a reimagined business model utilizing SaaSOps™, it’s possible to create SaaS products from any application in a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective way.

Unleash the Power of SaaSOps in Your Business

Corent Technology developed SaaSOps™, a Cloud agnostic PaaS Service that can be considered the “SaaS Operating System” to help businesses overcome the barriers associated with going to market with SaaS products. Under the SaaSOps™ model, the “as-a-Service” capabilities of SaaS applications are provided as services to the application, offering a convenient, plug-and-play, configurable, and “as-a-Service” way to SaaSify any application.

Similarly to the way the emergence of databases simplified life for developers and made creating applications much more efficient by performing the data management tasks SaaSOps ™ makes SaaSifying an application faster and more efficient by providing all the “as-a-Service” functions that transform software into SaaS. Because of this, SaaSOps ™ helps businesses of all sizes overcome the hurdles previously faced when looking to go-to-market with SaaS

Benefits of SaaS Ops

Because SaaSOps™ is essentially an automation platform for SaaS enablement and SaaS operation, it makes it cheaper, faster, and easier to go-to-market with SaaS products. Every aspect of SaaSifying and operating software applications as a service is managed and packaged into one convenient monthly cost that’s significantly lower than that of in-house development, operations, and maintenance.

Additionally, with SaaSOps™, there’s also no longer a need for businesses’ internal teams to manually develop all the “as-a-Service” capabilities (ex: tenant management, subscriptions, billing, SaaS operations, metering, etc.) required to go to market as SaaS; SaaSOps™ handles it, accelerating the SaaSification process and allowing for marketplace publishing in just 72 hours.

Streamline Your SaaS Publishing Process – Try Marketizer™ Free for 60 Days

Corent’s SaaSOps™ and Marketizer™ are the world’s only comprehensive, fast (publish in just 72 hours!), and no-code SaaS enablement and operations platforms. When utilized, it’s possible for businesses of all sizes to seamlessly publish software as SaaS to all major cloud marketplaces in a matter of days.

Unleash the power of SaaS for your business with Corent—it’s easier and more cost-effective than ever. Start your 60-day free trial now to get started.

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